Teen Bailey Base Taking Anal From Tyler Steel On Bang Bus

The Bang Bus homies drove around Miami in search of pussy, as they’re wont to do. But these days, with the whole pandemic situation, it’s been quite tough to score. But today was their lucky day.

On a bus bench sat 19 year old teen babe Bailey Base. Tyler Steel’s dick head was twitching. He was overcome with the urge to bury his dick in this girl’s ass. So they rolled up on her and offered her money for her time. She agreed.

On the bus, the dudes went through the motions. They pay her to answer some inappropriate questions. Then they offer a bit more cash to flash them titties. And things escalated from there.

Before you know it, Bailey Base is getting her teenage fudge packed by a stranger in the back of a dank van. And when it’s all said done, she gets ditched on the streets sans money because that’s how these dudes roll.

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