Cocktober Treats (Filthy Rich, Leana Lovings)

Video Description

A young, sexy, and slutty college girl shows up to your house on Halloween night to trick or treat. What do you do? Do you kick her out? Do you give her candy? Or do you try your best to get your cock sucked by this sexy halloween slut. This isn’t a hypothetical question, this is the real thing! You control the story, and you control Halloween night in this new video. You get the options of how you want to please her. Do you wanna watch her shower, or do you want her to do a sexy strip tease before giving you the best handjob you’ve ever gotten in your life? The choice is yours! Decide how you fuck her, what positions, and how you want to nut. We promise, you’ll always be satsified.

Pornstars: Filthy Rich, Leana Lovings
Network: Sex Selector
Original Publish Date: 2022-10-21
Shoot ID: pg18326


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