Alexis Texas Gets Massage For Her Flawless Big Ass

Okay, here we got. We got a PAWG in the house and it is none other than Alexis Texas! She scheduled a massage because she’s been a little sore lately. And when the therapist shows up, he wastes no time getting her butt naked. She lays on the table and the rubdown begins!

The lucky masseuse pours some warm oil on Alexis Texas’s magnificent round ass cheeks. They glisten beautifully, reflecting light like some kind of magical object. And that is exactly what her booty is: MAGIC. If you don’t believe me, watch what happens next!

Alexis Texas gets her pussy eaten and that turns her on to the point where she could no longer control herself. Nymphomania activated! She puts the massage therapist’s big cock in her mouth and sucks him off good before she proceeds to shove the penis in her pussy.

Nothing is more glorious than a white girl with a big butt riding cock. This video is proof. I came no less than three times while watching the video. It took me about 3 hours to write this description because I really suck at typing with one hand. And now my keyboard smells like dick. But it was worth it.

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