Nicole Aniston, Vanessa Cage & Sara Monroe On Fuck Team 5 (FULL VIDEO)

This is a super fun video featuring 3 hot blondes on the attack! Nicole Aniston, Sara Monroe and Vanessa Cage are wandering around in public looking for trouble and they find it. Two random dudes are selected for a good time and just like that, they all find themselves naked on a bed.

These guys are in all sorts of heaven, going balls deep in tight pussy. How lucky can two guys be? Very fucking lucky, apparently. They’re clearly not pornstars, just a couple of regular blokes with really good fortune. And for what it’s worth, they appear to do a fine job. The girls seem satisfied, anyway.

Would you have had the balls to fuck these three chicks? Do you think you could have done better than these guys? Let us know in the comments below!

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