Mia Khalifa’s Infamous Taboo Stepmom Video With Julianna Vega & Sean Lawless

Rebellious Arab step daughter Mia Khalifa shows up to her home on the back of a motorcycle with her white boyfriend driving. She gets off of the bike and puts on her hijab. Her family is very religious and she doesn’t want to be seen without her headdress. The boyfriend walks her to the front door and they start making out, as young couples do.

Unbeknownst to the young Lebanese princess, her stepmom spotted them from the street. She’s been watching Mia Khalifa’s every move. And when she looks through the peep hole and sees the white devil jamming his tongue in Mia’s mouth, it’s just too much to handle. She opens the door and drags them both into the house for a chat.

At the dinner table, Mia Khalifa makes her case and the stepmom quickly notices why her step daughter is so enamored by the infidel. She drops her spoon on the floor and goes under the table to get a closer look at what he’s working with.

While Mia Khalifa runs her mouth about some nonsense, her step mom pulls the boyfriend’s big cock out of his pants and begins to suck it like it is some kind of holy object. Mia eventually notices and calls bullshit.

The stepmom pretty much says, “This white guy doesn’t want an inexperienced girl like you. He wants a REAL woman, a woman like ME.” And just like that, it was game on. The two Arab sluts challenge each other to a blowjob contest and next thing you know hijabs and clothes are on the floor and everyone is having sex.

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