Maid Kristy Black Taking Anal From Yanick Shaft

Sexy Czech housekeeper Kristy Black came over to clean up the huge mess we made after our party. And mannn are we so glad we called her over. We asked her to clean some rooms for us and big ass was just begging to fall out of her shorts so of course we asked to see her in her underwear. She was hesitant at first. But that’s nothing a little cold hard cash can’t fix!

The PAWG maid stripped down to her sexy lingerie panties and kept cleaning up our place. It was worth every penny. But then we couldn’t handle it anymore and said FUCK IT! We offered her some more money to get naked, rent be damned! She wasn’t sure at first but comeon… who in their right mind says no to free money in times like these?

Kristy Black cleaned the last room for us completely butt-ass naked and it was literally too hard for our boy Yanik Shaft keep his dick in his pants. So the horny bastard started masturbating behind the maid. And then he got caught!

Kristy Black wasn’t sure what to do but Yanik pulled out some more money and you know how that goes. This girl obviously likes money! Haha. And just like that, the slutty European housekeeper was getting fucked in the ass. That’s right folks, we got her to do anal!

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Shoot ID: mda17693

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