Kourtney Kai On The Bang Bus (Reaction Video)

Delicious PAWG Kourtney Kai on the muthafuckin’ Bang Bus with Tony Rubino! (bb18021) The guys were patrolling some area of Miami looking for pussy when they stumbled upon “perfectly pale” Kourtney Kai and chucked a water bottle at her because she was in la-la-land. It worked, they got her attention. After flashing some cash at the pretty girl she agreed to get in the van for an interview.

In this hilarious reaction video, Sally Scoop shares her observations with y’all and, as per usual, they are quite funny and on point. Enjoy the show! And if you want to see the full video without any ASMR commentary, visit BangReaction.com today and join for only $1!

PS – Pocahontas Has No Tan Lines!

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