Lesbian Stepdaughters 2

Video Description

Layla Belle had very sore and hot boobs. Her step mom Serene Siren came to check on her. After a while they figured out that Layla instead of drinking a pre-workout juice grabbed a sexual enhancement juice. Serene figured that the symptoms would go away if Layla would just orgasm. Serena was willing to help. Obviously it would not be fun if just Layla would come. So the girls started to play with each other. They hugged and kissed. Rubbed their nipples against each other. Licked some ass and pussy. Fingered. Licked more pussy. 69th to lick even more pussy. Both girls came in firework like orgasms.

Pornstars: Layla Belle, Serene Siren
Network: GirlfriendsFilms
Site: GirlfriendsFilms.com
Original Publish Date: 2022-07-06
Shoot ID: gff18738


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