Is Mom Home? (Kimberly Snow, GI Joey, Jade Kimiko)

Video Description

Kimberly Snow was hanging out with Jade Kimiko. Jade was sexually frustrated but Kimberly knew she could take care of that. She started to kiss Jade in no time the girls were scissoring wildly. Step dad GI Joey came home. He knocked at the girls that he is going to take a shower. The girls stopped scissoring and sneaked to the bathroom door to watch step dad take a shower. He was really well build and had a giant dick. Kimberly asked Jade if she would like to fuck him? She already had. Jade didn’t believe her, so Kimberly decided to prove it. She knocked at the door. Dad can I join you? He asked is Mom home? Kimberly answered if course not. She joined him in the shower and started to play with his dick. Then she called for her friend Jade to join them. Now the two girls sucked GI Joey’s dick and they started to fuck under the shower. Then they took it to the bedroom and the girls took turns fucking him. In the end he came on their faces.

Pornstars: Kimberly Snow, GI Joey, Jade Kimiko
Network: FilthyFamily
Original Publish Date: 2022-12-05
Shoot ID: xf19020


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