teen visionaries! starring Jenifer, Nataly, Cage

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Jenifer, Nataly, Cage

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Hey Guys, It’s me Nataly along with my girlfriend Prada, and today we are on a mission to tease and please. We got ourselves all teened out and went to meet my friend Cage for lunch. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw us all dressed up like teens. I happen to know that he has a thing for younger girls so I figured why not, the more excited he gets the better it will be for us! As soon as got back to our place we went straight back to the bedroom and got right on the bed. I sat down and they got up on their knees and we started touching and rubbing each other bodies all over. Prada and I lifted up his shirt and began licking his nipples and then I reached down and pulled out his cock and started sucking him off and licking him up and down as Prada licked his balls. I got into Doggy and slipped his cock back in my mouth and Prada laid down and continued licking his balls and then we sucked his cock trading it back and forth. Cage laid down and Prada took off his pants while I took off his shirt and then I got out of my short and began licking his nipples as Prada wrapped her young lips around his hardened cock. Prada bobbed her head up and down on his cock and I went down and started licking and sucking his balls, I could feel myself getting excited watching his balls tighteen up as I flicked them with my tongue. Prada and I tag teamed his cock sucking him off back and forth, getting him all slicked up. Prada got up on top of Cage face to face and pulled her panties to the side and he shoved his cok in her young pussy and started fucking her hard. I went over and sat on Cage‘s face so he could eat my pussy and played with Prada’s tits as Cage was still pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. I leaned forward and slipped Cage’s cock in my mouth straight from Prada’s pussy, it tasted as sweet as candy. Prada wrapped her hand around his big hard cock and jerked him off as I flciked my tongue arcoss his swelling crown and then he stuffed his cock back inside her pussy and started fucking her even harder than before. Prada laid down and I got on top in 69 and started licking her sweet pussy as Cage slid his cock in my pussy from behind and started fucking me with long deep strokes. Prada licked my pussy and teased my clit from below as Cage fucked my pussy hard, fast and strong, thrilling my pussy from inside and out and making me all wet. Cage slid his slick cock from my pussy and went over to Prada for a suck and then he fucked my pussy hard and stuck his thumb deep in my ass before sticking it in Prada’s mouth for a taste. Prada got up and into Doggy and I straddled her from above and then fucked both our horny pussy’s back and forth. Prada grabbed her dildo and stuck it right in her mouth getting it all slicked up and I got down and started licking her pussy from behind as Cage fucked my pussy and thumbed my ass. Cage went up and over and stuffed his big hard cock in my ass, I could feel my ass hole opening right up welcuming his cock inside.Cage fucked my ass as I licked Prada’s pussy and then he laid down and I got on top. Cage started fucking my pussy hard and Prada slid her dildo in my ass, fucking both my horny holes at once and taking me right to the edge. I got down and Prada jumped on top in RCG and Cage went straight for her ass, stuffing his big cock in her tiny hole and opening her right up. I licked Prada’s tits and nipples all over as Cage pounded away at her ass and then I went down and began licking her pussy and flicking my tongue across her clit. I wrapped my lips aronud Cage’s throbbing cock as soon as he pulled it out of her ass, giving him a slobbery rinse before he went back inside. Cage started fucking Prada’s ass with every thing he had and I slid my dildo in her pussy and then Cage pulled out gaping her ass wide open before going back in for more. Prada laid down and Cage fucked her pussy as I licked her nipples in Doggy and then Cage fucked us back and forth until he lost all controll. He busted his creamy load all over her stomach and then I slipped his cock in my mouth, I just love sucking the cum straight out of a guys cock. I licked Cage’s cum up from Prada’s stomach and then I rubbed his cock around in th rest before I turned to Prada for a nasty cum swapping kiss.

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