her trusty plug starring Jessie Volt

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Jessie Volt

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While touring around the countryside snapping photographs of nature, French photographer Jessie Volt takes a break in a barn. She makes herself comfortable in her bucolic surroundings, peeling out of her hiking duds down to her bright pink lingerie. She munches on an apple but then remembers another hunger to satisfy. Taking her trusty gold metal butt plug out of its purple suede sleeve, she lubes it with her mouth and then crams it into her bottom. As a photog Jessie might take lots of nice pix, but she herself definitely presents the best picture of all as she lounges around with the toy in her rosebud, its purple jeweled tip sticking out and gleaming. She fingers her pussy at the same time, then takes out the plug afterward and licks it with a smile. See her anal antics in her Full HD erotic video and nude pics!

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