breaking news flash : women like to masturbate!!! starring Brandi Belle, Daja, Sara, Kara Tai

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Brandi Belle, Daja, Sara, Kara Tai

Porn Studio: Brandi Belle

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Brandibelle here once again reproting live from the streets of miami beach..seeing as im aorund the area again i figured id go back out and hit the streets with more tough hitting questions..the kind they dont discuss of the evening news..todays topic…MASTURBATION! Particulary with women becuase guys, i hate to break it to you be we all know you masturbnate and we all know you do it way way to is howver different with the ladies atleast thats what most people think but according to the information ove gathered on this listen questionare excursion us chicks do it too!! and alot..and as you will see in this video we like to do it together in a what i did was i took my cameramamn out on the streets and hanpicked a few girls i figured looked like theys be pretty liberal on the subject after giving them the questions i knew which ones woulkd be ok with coming back with me to and shooting somehands on stuff with a selection of toys i puicked out..the result made for one real hot update for you guys..Check it out!!!

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