a helping hand starring Brandi Belle, Richie Deville, Jamie

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Brandi Belle, Richie Deville, Jamie

Porn Studio: Brandi Belle

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You know me the good semaratin always willing to give a helping hand when needed…so when i got a call from my friend Calisan saying she was in a big crisi i iddint hestitate to see what it was i could do to help apparantly she had this new boyfriend who was a bit timid in the bedroom with her making the sex all not that great and becuse of this she found she wasnt performing very well herslef it turns out all the other guys shes been with have been so overly aggressive shes never had to be the one to pu on the moves now that she has this timid guy she finmd she doesnt know what to do so leave it to me to do everything in power to help the only thing i wanted in return from themn was to be able to film it so all you guys could see it to surprisinglee enough they were into it although you can tell they were a but camera shy but they got over it after a while so i go through all the motions with these guys handjobs and blowjobs to all the various sexual posistion it should make a very intertaining as well as education video for you all..enjoy!

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