melanie starring Iman, Melanie, Ricky

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Iman, Melanie, Ricky

Porn Studio: Bang Bros

Video Description:

DON’T YOU FUCKING HATE IT when that one annoying member of your family comes to visit and makes your life impossible for the short amount of time that they’re there??? Enter Ricky. He’s a cousing of mines from Colombia that heard about my “documentaries”….how I have no idea…Anyways….the only way I saw to shut him the fuck up was to take him on a mission. We came across the FINE ASS brazilian bitch by the name of Melanie in south beach…it was raining and she was waiting at a bus stop….could it have gotten any better??? Well, we talk this hot piece of brazilian bimbo ass into the van and it was on!! After being enticed by our resident puta, Iman, she was ready and willing for the Colombiano sausage…of course offering her some money didn’t hurt either….My cuz made me proud after he tore up this bitch…I guess it’s genetic…Chao…The Diry One

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