for the love of money!!! starring Stefan, Ic-Bimb, Victoria, Joe

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Stefan, Ic-Bimb, Victoria, Joe

Porn Studio: Bang Bros

Video Description:

Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! We’re on our way to pick up Butter (or ICBINB for those of you in the know) when this crazy fan comes out of nowhere and tells me how much he loves the site. It’s all good because I love all of my fans, so what hell, I tell the dude to come with us. We’ll see what we can do with him. Anyway, we’re driving around, shooting the shit, buying watermelons, normal shit, you know? Then up the street we see this fly ass HONEY walking all by herself. So I put two and two together and I decide to show my appreciation to my fan by getting him some ass. This chick was pretty mean at first but once you throw some money their way, even the meanest chicks do what we tell them to…Guys this was a great update. I hope you enjoy!! STAY TUNED!

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  • Original Publish Date: 2009-11-10T23:00:00.000Z
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