congor and ann starring Ann Marie Rios, Connor Stevens

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Model(s) Featured In This Video: Ann Marie Rios, Connor Stevens

Porn Studio: Bang Bros

Video Description:

This week we have a great episode. Ann Marie Rios came to us all the way from LA so that we could help her find a true match. She had heard what we were up to down here and said she wanted a piece of fresh meat. We were totally excited. Ann is a hottie! She’s got nice natural tits and a firm round ass, plus she speaks some sexy Spanish, which is pretty hot. So we hooked her up with Connor Stevens. He’s a muscle head from Northern Florida who wanted to meet a porn star. He’s pretty massive, he looks like he escaped from the Amazon or the Congo so we nicknamed him Congor. It’s going to be interesting to see these two interact and get together on their outside activities. But we just want to know one thing. If he plays his card right will Congor find his amazonian woman or will he be making monkey love to himself after this date…CAN HE SCORE?

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